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My first Maine Coon was a rescue from the Guilford County Animal Shelter in Greensboro, NC.

He was found roaming the streets of Greensboro, NC on September 11th 2001 as a stray. He was already front declawed and neutered; he had to have been someone pet at some point.

On September 19th 2001 called the shelter to see what they had in and I was told about a few cats that were known to be declawed already. I made the trip to the shelter and was looking at an orange tabby in a lower cage when Grayson who was in an upper cage sneezed on me.  I reached up and opened his cage door and lifted him onto my shoulders. He began to purr like a little motor and snuggled on the side of my neck. It was love at first site.

I went to the front desk with him and began the adoption paperwork. He had an upper respiratory infection so the next day I took him to the vet for meds. Upon leaving the shelter I needed supplies so I headed across the street to PetSmart to get litter box, litter and food bowls along with food. While in line to check out the girls in grooming noticed this beautiful cat in my arms and came out and offered to trim his back nails for free. They too could not believe that anyone would dump this guy in the streets.

That night Grayson slept in the bed with me under the covers and this began my love for the Maine Coon breed. Sadly after unconditional love for 10 years Grayson crossed the rainbow bridge on December 5, 2010.

This was tragic and I was very lost, after a week of searching for a new cat again I found myself at the Guilford County Animal Shelter. In the same cat room just a few spots down from where Grayson was,  I found a litter of little Maine Coon kittens who had just been returned from foster care and were ready for their forever homes.

In the back of the cage was a little runt who today is known as Sophie Lynn. She along with Kirk, another Maine Coon, live with me today along with Opie, another Maine Coon, who was a rescue and an orange tabby called Howdy also a rescue.

I can’t imagine living without a Maine Coon, they are truly very special